I am a journalism student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and a graduate of Brooklyn College’s Journalism and Media Studies program. I previously earned a bachelor’s degree in France at Université de Lille in history while attending the newly opened undergraduate journalism program at Académie ESJ.


I am currently working as a data and reporting intern at Aspen Journalism, a local nonprofit news organization based in Colorado, where I am covering COVID-19 and the environment.


I am a former intern at the Years Project in New York City where I researched, wrote, edited, and fact-checked stories and scripts on environmental news for videos and social media. I participated in student projects in France including two radio shows on Radio Campus and the news website Jollies Magazine. You can see my resume here


I aspire to work in multimedia journalism while developing my investigative skills. I am also interested in data journalism and creating interactive stories. I enjoy experimenting with new ways of storytelling including producing immersive videos. 

Contact: lassalle.laurine@gmail.com

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