March 26, 2019


New York State intends to build an offshore wind farm next to Montauk, but the project worries the local commercial fishermen, especially because of the electromagnetic field coming from the cables located underneath the wind turbine and its potential effects on the marine species.




Motion graphics and explainer video on coal exports in US western states. The production of coal and its consumption in the US have been declining over the last past years. The coal industry is now seeking emerging markets in Asia, but coal transport affects the health of the communities who live near railroads and ports.

December 11, 2019

(uploaded to YouTube on January 31, 2020)


February 4, 2019

The Years Project


In the aftermath of a climate-fueled disaster, survivors may recover physically but the mental health impacts can last for years to come. Psychiatrist Lise Van Susteren explains “solastalgia” and other aspects of climate anxiety.

Contribution: Video Script Writing

October 31, 2018


In our today environment, artificial intelligence takes a significant part of our lives. With the rising use of the Internet, smartphones, and algorithms in our daily lives, A.I., which needs a large amount of data to work, has raised questions about privacy and data security. So is A.I. a threat or helpful?

December 10, 2018


Have you ever wondered who the bell-ringers that you saw in the streets are? From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, the bell-ringers of the Salvation Army are standing and dancing in the streets to raise funds for the organization. It is the opportunity to get to know them, their stories, and their strategy to capture the crowd’s attention.